Mindset Development:

Juniors: 2 Hours/ Week
Teens: 2 Hours/ WeekGeneral


  • Identify the characteristics of an entrepreneur
  • Understand the general concepts of entrepreneurship

Creativity & Innovation:

  • Developing new methods instead of using standard procedures
  • Developing a sense of originality
  • Recognizing different alternatives to solving problems
  • Redefining and perceiving in an atypical manner
  • Having an interest in the surrounding


  • Demonstrate ownership and pride in work
  • Attain high internal locus of control by believing achievement is dependent on one’s actions
  • Build self-confidence b


  • Define SMART goals
  • Attain goals creatively and autonomously
  • Demonstrate an attitude of willingness to make a difference


  • Understand the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship
  • Pursue a goal with motivation, energy, and commitment
  • Understand the importance of encouragement


  • Accepting risk in undertaking an activity
  • Identifying risks
  • Accepting and bouncing back from failure through corrective action


  • Accepting and bouncing back from failure through corrective action

Recognizing Opportunities:

  • Understanding the role of ethics in entrepreneurship
  • Realizing the importance of behaving ethically in a business
  • Describing possible consequences a business has to face with ethics being a guiding force.

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